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Waterford Lismore Connoisseur Collection

The Waterford Lismore Connoisseur collection is a crowning achievement of crystal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine whiskey enjoyment. This collection allows for full appreciation of appearance, aroma, taste and finish, a perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur for all occasions.

Discover straight-sided tumblers designed to serve the connoisseur who enjoys their whiskey with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two. For the connoisseur who enjoys a good swirl to appreciate the body of the liquor, the rounded or flared tumbler is a great choice that fits comfortably in the hand. For sampling their rarest single malts or pot blends, the footed tasting tumblers make a great choice for the whiskey critique.

Add more to every pour with a classic Waterford Crystal decanter to complement fine whiskeys and accompany your selected tumblers.

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