"These collections are not designed to be merely viewed and admired, but to be used and lived with daily, enhancing the luxury home experience."
~Jo Sampson

Classic Style. Contemporary Design.

First imagine the greatest, most lavish party ever, and then imagine it’s in your own home. Envisioning an Elysian paradise well within reach, Jo Sampson conjures Elysian, a lifestyle collection epitomizing the higher echelons of luxury and elegance in home entertaining. With soft shapes, a comforting tactile roundness and classic Waterford cutting surrounding the bowl, a gold shadow gap elevates the collection’s stemware and glasses in style and stature. The effect is amplified with the introduction of amethyst cased crystal for rich, proportional depth and dimension. Sensual, stimulating and sensational, the Elysian Collection challenges conventions with a fashion forward rush of contemporary Waterford innovation.

"My background in interior design allowed me to approach the creation from a different perspective," said Sampson. "I’m keenly aware of the relationships people have with the things in their home environment, and what they feel most comfortable living with."

In conceiving Elysian, one of the design in the Contemporary Collection, Sampson looked to capture the pure DNA of Waterford – the legacy, and heritage of craftsmanship – and fuse that essence with the tenets of contemporary design: proportion within the collection, context within their interior environments, and unaffected simplicity.