Discover the newest innovation in the art of fine crystal, Waterford Mixology. Mixology represents the latest advances in the science of entertaining from the Waterford laboratory of luxury living. With striking new shapes, inherently classic Waterford cutting techniques, and a spectral splash of trending colors, Mixology is a breakthrough of self-expression and personalization opportunities for Waterford enthusiasts everywhere.

Four fresh, dynamic cutting patterns – Talon Red, Argon Blue, Neon Green and Circon Purple – create a completely new experience when added to the contemporary silhouettes of Mixology's diverse collection of tumblers, decanters, coupes, glasses and bar accessories.

Argon Blue

Electric blue wrap around a base of dense vertical cuts, giving craft cocktails the ultimate canvas for artistic appreciation.

Neon Green

A delicious lime hue and crystal blaze cuts demand that special attention be paid to artisan beverages and signature drinks.

Circon Purple

A passionate landscape of color is created through a coil of concentric crystal ring cuts.

Talon Red

Encourage a perfect pour with deep red crystal accents, broad cuts and serious strokes of prismatic perfection.