Luxury Crystal Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2022

Funny presents are commonly associated with Secret Santa gift-giving. But what do you do when the opportunity to be funny is not the appropriate approach?

If you’re looking for everyone taking part to receive a gift that's beautiful and they’ll cherish forever, start by taking a look at the variety of luxury crystal items from Waterford.

No matter whose name you’ve drawn, you’re sure to find them a present that will have them believing there is a Santa.

Crystal Secret Santa gift ideas for family

With Secret Santa, we can’t choose who in our families we’ll be buying a Christmas gift for. But what we do get to choose is one perfect gift for the lucky relative we’ve been allocated. If you need a few ideas on gifts specifically for them, we’ve grouped some suggestions below. But remember: your identity as their personal Santa is supposed to remain a secret.

Secret Santa gift ideas for Dad

Fathers can be notoriously reluctant about treating themselves, so this is an opportunity to take the initiative and splash out on something extra special on their behalf. Waterford has a range of bar accessories and glassware sets that are perfect for upgrading Dad’s drinks cabinet or home bar.

From crystal rocks glasses that elevate his whiskey & sodas, to crystal pilsner and pint glasses that enhance the flavor and aroma of his favorite beer, you’re sure to find something he’ll raise his glass to at Waterford.

Secret Santa gift ideas for Mom

If one of the many ways your mother shows her love is by creating beautiful tablescapes when you gather to eat together, here’s an easy way to instantly get on her good side at Christmas. Gift her a special piece from Waterford’s range of beautifully crafted crystal flower vases, candle holders and votives that she will treasure forever knowing it came from you.

Secret Santa gift ideas for sisters and brothers

If your sister is at her happiest hosting a pamper night-in with her closest friends or sipping on cocktails at far-flung locales is more her style, Waterford’s crystal martini and cocktail glasses will make a perfect Secret Santa gift.

When buying for your brother, browse Waterford’s range of crystal bar cart essentials, including crystal cocktail shakers and ice buckets.. They’re ideal for adding some classic glamor and sophistication to his next social gathering. If he likes to use his bar cart for entertaining, read our guide to stocking an outdoor bar cart.

Secret Santa gift ideas for grandparents

When you next visit your grandparents, notice the number of family photos they have displayed around their home. Portraits, montages, key moments in time… they’re all there, on walls and mantelpieces and side tables, reminding them of the people they love and miss most.

And while easily shared smartphone photos are greatly appreciated, they don’t hold the same appeal as a framed photo, which is why they make such excellent gifts for grandparents.

This Christmas, get in touch with the rest of the family and arrange to shoot a new family photo you know your grandparents will love. Once you’ve chosen the best shot and have a high-resolution print, present it within a sublimely beautiful crystal photo frame from Waterford. Waterford photo frames make beautiful keepsakes and Secret Santa gifts, adding elegance and sophistication to any living space.

Crystal Secret Santa gift ideas for friends

If your friendship group always does Secret Santa each year, perhaps it’s time to suggest a more exciting variation of the tradition and gift Waterford’s annual Winter Wonders collection instead?

With Winter Wonders, each year, each person in your friendship group receives a piece of themed crystal to treasure. This year’s theme is Winter Rose, with a pattern of cuts that represents the hardiest of flowers that bloom to triumph despite the Irish winter. Colored a soft red, each petal is delicately outlined in crystal.

Smaller but meaningful Secret Santa gift ideas

To ensure consistency and equity, most Secret Santas have a budget that those participating must not exceed. If you’re working with a smaller budget, perhaps for a workplace Secret Santa, but you still want to gift something beautiful and sincere, then explore Waterford’s range of crystal Christmas ornaments. You can also find a present at an exceptional price with our collection of crystal gifts under $100.

Make your Secret Santa gift more personal

At Waterford, we have crystal engraving options to make your Secret Santa gift stand out from the rest and be fondly treasured for years. Engrave your gift with a personal touch to create a stunning present designed to always evoke happy memories.

Choosing a gift for yourself

Like everyone else, you deserve to be recognized, celebrated, and rewarded with a little something special for your Secret Santa gift. And the best way to make sure you do it is by undertaking some planning - specifically, by putting together your own personal gift wishlist. Explore our guide on buying a gift for yourself for more inspiration.

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