Lismore Connoisseur Heritage Straight Sided Tumbler, Set of 6

Elevate your whiskey glass collection with our set of six Lismore Connoisseur Heritage Straight Sided Tumblers, each intricately adorned with a timeless pattern from the Waterford archives. Inspired by the city of Waterford and the stunning landscapes and architecture of the Emerald Isle, the Araglin, Powerscourt, Lismore, Colleen, Irish Lace and Alana patterns are crystallised in this set of fine crystal tumblers : a perfect gift for those who revere whiskey and respect Irish heritage. With sleek, straight sides these versatile tumblers provide the perfect serve for those devoted to complete whiskey enjoyment, transforming your casual tipple into a luxury experience.

  • Crafted from the finest luxury crystal
  • Intricate adorned patterns celebrate Irish heritage
  • Durable tumblers that are crafted for your timeless enjoyment
  • Perfect accompaniment to an informal tasting party or casual evening drink
  • A timeless gift for a lover of fine whiskey
  • Beautifully presented in classic Waterford packaging
Product Article Number
International Article Number
342 g
207 ml