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Frontiers Tumbler pair

This remarkable Stellar Frontier Tumbler Pair from Waterford commemorates the explorers who sought help from the stars as they navigated north and south along our planet and are intricately adorned with the Ursa Minor and the Southern Cross – the two iconic constellations that represent Earth’s hemispheres. 

Frontiers Tumbler pair
  • Handcrafted by our Master Craftsmen
  • Commemorates the explorers who navigated north and south using the stars
  • Intricately adorned with Ursa Minor and the Southern Cross
  • Featuring gold-filled ball cuts and intricately detailed etch cuts
  • Beautifully presented in signature Waterford packaging
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Over 5000 years ago, Ireland’s stargazing heritage was embedded in its soil, as early civilizations built the megalithic sites at Newgrange and Loughcrew to reveal astronomical secrets, record and capture solar events and even map the constellations. 

Millenia later, and our fascination with the night sky has not wavered. Hand-crafted at the House of Waterford in Ireland, the remarkable Stellar collection details the constellations in magnificent detail, celebrating humanities’ fascination with the stars and the proficiency, precision and perfection of elite Irish craftsmanship. 

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Celebrate the age-old history of man’s obsession with the stars and celestial bodies with the Stellar Drinkware collection. Hold a piece of the night’s sky in your hand as you enjoy your favourite spirit or cocktail from the luxury of intricately cut crystal. Each piece in the Stellar collection pays homage to a different aspect of our wondrous solar system, using polished and satin cuts, as well as gold and precious metals, to capture the beauty of our universe through the expert skills of our Master Craftsmen.

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