Become The Ultimate Mixologist With Waterford And The Liquor Cabinet

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Rather than venturing out to your local bar this weekend invite your friends over and recreate some of your favorite cocktails from the comfort of your home. We have partnered with The Liquor Cabinet, a New York based cocktail app, and the ultimate authority on all things mixology, on a three-part tutorial series showcasing the tips and tricks you need to create bar-worthy creations. Everything from the perfect negroni, to how to expertly crush ice for a refreshing mojito and putting the finishing touch on your drink, we’ve got you covered.

The three useful tutorials will show you all the key skills needed to create delicious cocktails as well as some simple recipes that will be sure to impress your guests.

How To Create Our Favorite Cocktails

The first film in the series is a guide on how to create three of our favorite cocktails. This simple tutorial will inspire you with the perfect drinks for all your celebrations!

How To Expertly Crush Ice For Your Mojito

How you serve your cocktails is just as important as the flavors you create - a mojito must always be served with plenty of ice. This tutorial will show you everything you need to know:

How To Create Citrus Garnishes

In the final film of the series, find out how to create three simple but stylish fruit garnishes that will add a personal touch to your signature cocktails

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