Lismore Essence Goblet, Set of 6

This stunning Lismore Essence Goblet Set of 6 are the perfect all-purpose crystal wine glasses for large gatherings or dinner parties where your guests’ drink preferences may vary. Whilst being suitable for both red and white wine, these versatile crystal goblets also offer the perfect serve for a water, juice or a refreshing cocktail recipe. Each of these Lismore Essence Goblets retains the iconic Lismore pattern while incorporating a more slender, modern profile, resulting in a flawless luxury drinking glass that is suited to both your formal gatherings and informal parties.


  • Crafted from the finest luxury crystal
  • Intricately adorned with our beloved Lismore pattern
  • Durable drinking glasses that are crafted for your timeless enjoyment
  • Versatile vessel that’s suited for serving water, juice or cocktails
  • Perfect for an informal tasting party or formal gathering
  • Beautifully presented in classic Waterford packaging


Product Article Number
International Article Number
4.5 in
11.6 in
19 oz

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