Introducing Winter Wonders

Inspired by Irish spirit, elements, and heritage, we’re thrilled to introduce Winter Wonders, a new limited-edition range of crystal drinkware, decorations, and interiors to make your festive celebrations even brighter. Over the next six years, a new series in the collection will be released, each year a spectacular interpretation of Ireland’s natural beauty. While a beautiful addition to every festive tablescape and mantle, the beauty of the collection reigns year-round, making any occasion even more special.

Acquire something special for years to come

For festive gathering and holiday entertaining, Winter Wonders is an incredible showcase of the Irish scenery and spirit. We invite you on a six-year journey of wonderment and conviviality, each year a unique story brilliantly captured in crystal. A new theme will highlight an extraordinary wonder of nature, an evocative reminder of our precious and beautiful natural world cut into crystal to elevate your festive moments. For the collector, a new tradition of collecting Winter Wonders commences, a welcome addition to your festivities each year.

Discover Midnight Frost

In the first year, we have created the Midnight Frost collection  to show the delicate and intricate patterns created by an Irish winter frost. The detailed crystal cuts mimic the majesty of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring patterns, the unique shape of crystallised dew of an icy winters night. Like frost, Waterford crystal will glisten and shine brightly in your home. 

These collectible pieces are made for entertaining, invite luxury, sophistication, and an intriguing story to every moment this holiday season. Whiskey glasses are stunning vessels for festive spirits to be enjoyed with family and friends this holiday season and moments beyond. 

Explore the Collection

These limited-edition collectable pieces will be released over six years from 2021 to 2026, creating a stunning collection of intricately patterned pieces that will spark special memories when you display them every festive season.

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