Introducing: Stellar Collection

Over 5000 years ago, Ireland’s stargazing heritage was embedded in its soil. With a deep desire to look beyond the horizon, early civilizations built megalithic sites at Newgrange and Loughcrew to record and capture solar events. Millenia later, our fascination with what lies beyond the night sky has not wavered. The mystical qualities of space, the constellations and the lunar landscape have inspired us to create this incredible, new collection.

Hand-crafted at the House of Waterford in Ireland

The remarkable Stellar collection crystallises the 12 constellations of the zodiac in magnificent detail, calling on the unrivalled proficiency, precision and perfection of our Master Craftsmen to celebrate humanity’s fascination with the stars.  

Craftsmanship that’s out of this world

The Stellar Collection draws on nearly 250 years of unparalleled Waterford craftsmanship. Its centrepiece, the limited edition Stellar Celestial Globe, showcases the unique nature of our solar system and the skill and mastery of those who’ve created its stunning form. Using only the world’s finest materials, our Master Craftsmen have made the most of centuries old techniques. With everything from polished cuts and sandblasting to metallic finishes and acid polish, they have ensured an end result that is as breathtaking as it is brilliant.

Handcrafted with passion

With the upcoming launch of the Stellar collection, we celebrate the craft that makes our crystal so very special. For generations Waterford has been creating hand cut crystal renowned across the globe for the deepest and most beautiful cuts, a highly skilled process that makes our crystal feel precious and creates a truly unforgettable tactile experience when held in the hand for the first time. A sensorial indulgence to be treasured for a lifetime.