The Lismore Legacy

Crafted to withstand the test of time, the iconic Lismore pattern is inspired by the stunning architecture of its namesake castle in Ireland.

Evolving over the last seven decades to bring the Irish spirit to moments enjoyed around the world, it is a celebration seventy years in the making.

The Lismore Legacy, Seven Decades Captured in Crystal.

Lismore Collection

The Lismore story began in 1952, at the hands of Chief Designer Miroslav Havel. The pattern was an ode to the Gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle, inspired by the symmetry of the towers, pointed arches and elegant curves of the windows.

Lismore Black Collection

The Lismore Black collection is a fusion of technology and tradition. Rich opaque black color infuses drama into Lismore, creating a glamorous take on the universally loved classic. This was inspired by the Blackwater River which surrounds Lismore Castle, protecting it for centuries.

Lismore Essence Collection

The Lismore Essence cut was designed with modern contours and finer details that reveal the brilliance and clarity of Waterford crystal. An evolution of the classic Lismore pattern, distilling the cut to its essence offering a familiar yet soft approach to the gothic inspiration.

Lismore Diamond Collection

The Lismore Diamond range, originally created to honor the 60th anniversary, is an enduring reinvention, forever honoring the evolution of the Lismore pattern. Characterized by intricate diamond cuts rendered in fine, radiant crystal, the pattern celebrates an icon with its own strong and clear presence.

Lismore 1952 Mastercraft

Rekindling the flame for a lasting classic, the 1952 Mastercraft collection is an authentic revival of the original 1952 Lismore goblet. It celebrates the spirit of Ireland, its enchanting heritage, and the unmistakable feel of the alluring Lismore cut.

Lismore Arcus Collection

Artistry that breathes new life into an icon, the Lismore Arcus range showcases crystal-cut patterning that is inspired by unseen opulent interiors of Lismore Castle. Each fascinating piece embodies the vaulted ceiling architecture and century-old Gothic details. Luxury that is revered over and over, discover tradition with a twist of modernity.

The Lismore Arcus Mastercraft assortment is handcrafted at the House of Waterford in Ireland for an even more exceptional take on this modern collection.

Lismore Nouveau Collection

The eternal Lismore pattern takes on a new form with Lismore Nouveau. The classic cuts mark a gracefully curving silhouette, combining the brilliance and clarity of Lismore with a cool, contemporary practicality.

Other Lismore Collections

Reinterpretations of this renowned design affirm Lismore’s strength. The beloved cut pattern is balanced on the minimalist stems of Lismore Encore. Its history celebrated and forever etched in crystal in the Lismore Evolution and Lismore Revolution collections.