The Lismore story began in 1952, at the hands of Chief Designer Miroslav Havel. The pattern was an ode to the Gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle, inspired by the symmetry of the towers, pointed arches and elegant curves of the windows.

Discover new additions to the iconic Lismore collection - modern drinkware and interior shapes with a design steeped in heritage.


Expressions of Love Since 1952

The Lismore campaign is a celebration of diverse expressions of love. Showcasing a classic Waterford collection in intergenerational hands – Waterford icons that bond generations.

Crafted with Love

Known for its detailed wedge and diamond cuts, infuse an element of romantic nostalgia into your story with Lismore.

The Gift of Lismore

For life’s milestones and celebrations, mark each and every special moment with the radiance of crystal and the legacy of Lismore. This timeless, versatile range is curated for every giftable occasion.

Lismore Rose Bowl

Lismore Bowl

Lismore Vase

A Toast to You

Iconic Lismore glassware makes every sip a luxurious experience. Modern shapes with a design steeped in heritage turns moments of reflection into a celebration of refined taste and sophisticated elegance.

Bonding Generations

Lismore serves as a bridge, uniting generations and crafting connections through enduring design, timeless appeal, and shared moments of joy.