Make The Moment With Waterford

Life is made up of lots of very special moments which deserve to be cherished. Moments we vividly remember, those which make us reflect or appreciate the good times and the people who matter to us most. With the pace of modern life, time seems to slip through our fingers and more than ever we need to recognise when to pause, enjoy the present and embrace our emotions. We need to hold onto these ‘little big moments’ – the places we were, the details we remember, the people we shared them with and the feelings they stirred.

Over the years Waterford has been part of many special times in people’s lives and Make the Moment is all about celebrating and embracing these special times. Whether that’s toasting in the New Year with Waterford champagne flutes, a date night made special with flowers in a stunning Waterford Vase, wedding celebrations captured in an elegant Waterford picture frame or visiting a friend with a Waterford gift they’ll treasure forever. These special moments, heartfelt emotions and experiences truly make us who we are, many are packed with meaning that they shimmer through our lifetime with memories that stay with us forever.

This year join us in making moments that last and matter all around the world.

Make The Moment With Jeff Leatham

The Jeff Leatham Icon collection is guaranteed to make a stylish talking point and bring a sophisticated flourish to any home. The collection includes timeless clear and bold amethyst coloured statement vases, as well as a stunning collection of drink and giftware. So why not create a moment to remember and surprise the one you love with their favourite flowers and a beautiful Jeff Leatham Icon Vase.

Every Day Moments With The Ardan Collection

Some of the most precious moments are the simplest ones and made every day. Make time to chat about your weekend over a healthy family breakfast with smoothies and your morning lemon infused water. A midweek supper with the one you love looking back at your busy working day and planning where your next holiday adventure will take you.

Your Lismore Moment

We have been part of many special moments over the last 67 years as you celebrated with the Lismore collection. From thoughtful wedding gifts, many Mother’s and Father’s Day presents to the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York City Times Square our Lismore collection remains a firm favourite for contemporary homeware gifts and timeless glassware collections.

My Wine Moment With The Elegance Collection

A glass of wine is something that can be cherished any day of the week. From a quiet relaxing few hours in the bath with your favourite glass of red to a Friday evening games night with your friends, laughing and joking about the memories you share.

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