Spoil yourself with these crystal presents for me

If you have a gift for choosing gifts and enjoy celebrating the milestones and achievements of people other than yourself, then it’s time to use this talent in a different way.

You deserve just as much recognition, commemoration, and celebration as anyone. So for once, why not enjoy the same uplifting experience you’ve been creating for others by giving yourself a lovely, thoughtful, and generous gift too?

Explore our range of stunning crystal gift ideas to buy yourself to get your eyes twinkling in anticipation.

Crystal glassware to elevate a relaxing evening

It’s perfectly understandable to use finer things for special occasions, but what about the things you use everyday that could lift you up a little higher than they already do?

When served in beautiful glassware, even the plainest of drinks becomes a joy to more than just the taste buds. A delight to observe and a pleasure to hold, Waterford’s handcrafted range of crystal tumbler glasses and crystal wine glasses will turn every sip into a subtle and gratifying salute.

A crystal cocktail making kit for your new home

Even if you moved in a while ago but haven’t got around to it yet, now is the right time to spoil yourself by creating the home bar, drinks table, or bar cart of your dreams. The kind of aesthetically pleasing drinks-making set-up that makes you smile every time you walk past it, and makes your friends smile every time they visit.

So embrace the fact that well-made cocktails go to a whole new level when served with a healthy splash of theatrics. Go ahead and add some dazzling light and brilliant staging to your home bar with crystal cocktail essentials from Waterford. Equip your drinks cabinet or bar cart with a crystal cocktail shaker, crystal cocktail glasses, and other beautiful home entertainment must-haves from Waterford.

If you’re interested in tips on curating a bar cart that will shine brightly when entertaining in your garden, explore our guide to outdoor bar cart essentials.

A crystal vase for your birthday blooms

Receiving an artful arrangement of your favourite flowers is a powerful demonstration of someone’s high regard for you. Being able to put them in a vase of a similar, complementary splendour is a thoughtful way to acknowledge the gift-giver’s gesture.

After all, their floral gift will be occupying pride of place in your home for the best part of a week (if not longer), so make the effect as powerful as possible with a remarkable crystal vase.

Spoil yourself on your next birthday, and be ready to showcase your next bouquet of birthday blooms by upholding them in one of the beautiful crystal vases from Waterford.

A crystal accompaniment for your dressing table, just because…

There doesn’t need to be a special occasion - every day is the perfect day to treat yourself to a little something special. Waterford’s range of crystal dressing table items, such as elegant perfume bottles and ring holders, are not only perfect for holding your favourite scents and your most cherished jewellery, they also make a glistening new addition to your bedroom dressing table or desk.

A crystal photo frame to capture precious moments

Whether you want to preserve memories of friends, partners or loved family members or fond times spent far from home on a recent trip or vacation, Waterford’s range of crystal photo frames are perfect for capturing treasured moments and occasions, and they make perfect accompaniments for your living spaces.

After all the shopping you do for others, it’s important to also make room for a little self-care. While a gift to yourself won’t be a surprise, you can smile while you unwrap it knowing it’s exactly what you want and deserve.

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