Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers

A little romance and a lot of sparkle make for a special gift to celebrate your one-of-a-kind love. Surprise your Valentine with the luxury of crystal that will elevate every moment, this Valentine’s Day and every day. If you haven’t started searching for the perfect gift, discover
unique valentine’s day gifts for that special someone.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Show the leading lady in your life some luxe this valentine’s day with a crystal gift she’ll cherish now and forever. For the woman who loves her jewellery, a crystal ring holder or shallow dish keeps her treasures safe and adds even more sparkle to her vanity. For the one who appreciates a fresh bouquet, elevate an array of blooms with a unique crystal vase that is equally striking and stylish, like one from our Lismore Black collection. If your valentine has classic crystal drinkware shapes, a champagne saucer or coupe is a unique valentine’s day gift adding an elegant yet contemporary touch to her celebratory moments.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him

If you’re looking for the perfect
valentine’s day gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend, consider crystal drinkware that make every day feel special. For the man who has a finer appreciation for spirits, glasses and tumblers specially designed to enhance the spirits flavours and aromas elevates him to a certified connoisseur. No matter his go-to spirit, these glasses will take his tipple of choice to the next level. A crystal spirits decanter is a perfect addition to his barware collection, letting him savour the moment with sophistication.


Unique gift ideas for your first Valentine’s Day

Wondering what to get your partner for your first valentine’s day together? Consider a thoughtful token to celebrate your growing relationship, like a picture of the two of you displayed in a crystal picture frame. Want to opt for a more meaningful experience? Create lasting memories with an extra-special date night, cook together, mix up your favourite Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes, and enjoy each other’s company this valentine’s day.

Unique Valentine's gifts for yourself

Indulge in valentine’s day gifts for yourself that make every day brighter. Crystal interiors, like a votive that creates a warm ambience or a crystal covered box for your jewellery, elevate your home and the moment.