Lismore Black

Striking black glass creates stylish drama alongside our iconic Lismore pattern, a fresh moody take on this already loved classic.

Rich, opaque black infuses drama into the iconic Lismore pattern, creating a glamourous take on this universally loved classic. Fresh, exciting and eye-catching, the striking contrast of black on clear crystal helps to accentuate the intricate deep cuts and stunning silhouette, reinvigorating the timeless pattern that has been loved since 1952.  

Create drama and ambience in your drinkware and home collection with this exquisite reimagining of the classic Lismore pattern.

How to decorate with Lismore Black

Our most distinguished design of the last 60 years, the Lismore pattern is synonymous with the city of Waterford. Lismore Black dramatically reimagines this classic pattern with an injection of bold colour, an opaque black glass that adds striking contrast to an already eye-catching pattern. Place Lismore Black items in prominent places in your home so that they have maximum decorative impact and add a moody edge to your home décor.


Our Master Craftsmen possess exemplary artisanal talent, combining two centuries of technological advancement with age-old techniques. All of our craftsmen complete an eight-year long apprenticeship to learn each skill required, before honing these techniques through decades of mastery. Their elite hand-craftsmanship, precision skill and artistic excellence continue to be among the core components that transform the finest raw materials into the pinnacle of luxury crystal.