Your Questions Answered

Our New Crystal: Your Questions Answered

Why are you changing from Lead Crystal to Crystal? 

The decision to remove lead from our production process has been made for environmental reasons and the improved performance of our products. We have been working on a new formula for over four years to ensure that our new crystal produces the familiar sparkle, brilliance and design excellence that is synonymous with Waterford, along with new benefits for you to experience.

What are the benefits of the new crystal formula?

The most important benefit provided by this new formula is the improved sustainability of our crystal. Our factory in Rogaska is currently working to the highest environmental standard amongst its peers in Europe and is recuperating the maximum amount of energy, with all electricity used in our manufacturing process being 100% renewable energy. In addition to this, all production water is constantly cleaned, recycled and reused, with none being sent to sewers. Our factories also adhere to a strict Zero Landfill policy.

The key benefit for our consumers is that the heightened strength of our new formula will allow our talented craftsmen to create new designs with sharper cuts, resulting in brilliant facets that produce more amplified refractions for you to enjoy.

In comparison to our previous formula, our new crystal is also:

  • more resistant to heat which allows our craftsmen to produce specialised hot beverage glassware.
  • twice as strong for a more durable vessel that you can enjoy with confidence.
  • dishwasher-resistant, resulting in a longer-lasting brilliance for your favourite pieces.

Will the new crystal items feel different to items I have bought previously?

We have worked hard to ensure that our new formula provides you with the same luxury experience as our previous crystal. However, you may notice a subtle difference in how it feels.

The heightened strength of our new formula will allow our skilled artisans to create sharper cuts which will feel more pronounced in your hand. In addition to this, our new crystal is slightly lighter in weight, as part of the overall sustainability objective and to reflect a trend towards lighter glass items. Due to the manufacturing process of crystal and the traditional techniques that you choose Waterford for, such as hand-cutting and mouth-blowing, there is always a weight variation between our items. This variation is controlled within internal standards.

Will the new crystal items still look like my old items?

Due to the heightened strength of our new formula, our talented craftsmen will be able to create new crystal designs and patterns for you to enjoy. However, as with all glass melting processes, there are variations in colour when the raw materials change. Therefore, as we remove lead from our processes, a change in colour is to be expected. The colour of our new crystal is controlled within the colour tolerances of all our crystal products.

Will the new crystal items have the same ping as my other items?

Slight variations in shape, as well as the thickness of the crystal itself will alter the sound produced when you strike it. Because the new formula will produce crystal that’s slightly lighter in weight, you may experience a new ping from your new crystal products.

Can I put my new crystal in the dishwasher?

Our new formulation has been tested to safely withstand 150 cycles in a domestic dishwasher. However, all fine crystal is fragile, and the surface will deteriorate over time when continually washed in a dishwasher. Although our new crystal is perfectly safe for your dishwasher, we recommend that you hand-wash your crystal items so that you can enjoy their brilliance for longer.

Are my old lead crystal items still safe to use?

All Waterford food and beverage items are regularly tested to fully comply with the latest food contact material legislations, so you can continue to enjoy your favourite beverage in your existing lead crystal items as well as our new formula crystal.