Heritage Mastercraft

Emerging from the archives, an eclectic mix of timeless patterns and drinkware shapes are crafted to perfection for any celebration. Heritage Mastercraft, expertly handcrafted in Waterford, Ireland.

A new future is ours to create

The Heritage collection illustrates how iconic archival designs can be re-contextualized in the hands of a new generation.

Heritage revived

This collection includes five drinkware pieces, selected to showcase the craftsmanship, expertise and artistry of the skilled Master Craftsmen at the Waterford factory. Each of the four archival designs, revived especially for this collection, is unexpectedly mixed in a celebration of our rich heritage.

From Lismore to Rossmore

Heritage Mastercraft draws inspiration from iconic cuts found in our archive, including the world-famous Lismore pattern that was first created in 1952. Design elements from the Rossmore pattern (named for the imposing castle in County Monaghan) can also be seen, reflecting the castle’s grandeur and imposing architecture.

Brightness and radiance in every cut

A pattern first introduced in 1968, Eileen features elegant vertical cuts at varying heights to symbolize brightness and radiance.

Irish terms of endearment

‘Alannah’, an ancient Irish term for endearment meaning ‘precious child’, inspired our 1956 Alana pattern. Its distinct bold cut diamonds can be seen in this collection.