Personalized Wedding Gifts For the Bride & Groom

Discover Waterford’s opulent collection of crystal wedding gifts, crafted to epitomize luxury. From exquisite serving pieces for hosting guests, to ornate crystal photo frames that encapsulate beloved memories, these gifts can be customized for newlyweds to commemorate their special day. Express your sincerity with personalized engravings and transform your present into a bespoke treasure.

Founded in 1783, Waterford derives artistic inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Irish coast. This influence is gracefully expressed through a variety of crystal cuts, ranging from intricate diamond and wedge patterns to smooth, flowing lines that mirror the undulating waves of the Atlantic. Each personalized wedding gift crafted by Waterford embodies the meticulous craftsmanship that has been honed over centuries.


Elevate your gift giving with Waterford's distinguished collection of wedding gifts, eligible for personalization through custom engraving. From luxurious decanters to refined stemware and more, our expansive array caters to every couple's discerning taste.

Our exquisite collections of champagne flutes are celebrated for their iconic crystal cuts, expertly designed to enhance the dancing effervescence of champagne. Waterford crystal plays beautifully with the light, creating a breathtaking display that elevates every toast. Explore more Waterford wedding inspiration to spark ideas for your special day, ensuring every detail reflects your unique love story.


From engagements to anniversaries, Waterford crystal gifts offer a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring they become cherished heirlooms. We employ innovative techniques in crystal craftsmanship, combining classic expertise with modern technology to create alluring angles, refined designs and enhanced resilience.

Our pieces are renowned for their enduring quality and versatile functionality, seamlessly blending everyday practicality with unparalleled beauty. Formed with meticulous attention to detail, each piece of Waterford crystal embodies an effortless grace – elevating daily rituals into extraordinary experiences of reflection and joy.


Celebrate moments that matter with Waterford, and give a gift that will provide generations of enjoyment. Explore our collection of engraved wedding gifts at Waterford, where each piece is designed to add a personal touch to your celebration.

From elegant crystal champagne flutes to sophisticated tableware and more, our curated collection promises timeless elegance to make your special day unforgettable. Discover our engraved wedding gifts today and create lasting memories with Waterford's signature style and quality.