Irish Lace

Waterford's Irish Lace collection embraces the beauty of the Emerald Isle through timeless and made-to-last interior pieces and drinkware that have been crafted for this very moment. Skill, artistry and Irish heritage collide in this Mastercraft collection. Inspired by the intricacies of Irish lacemaking, this hand-crafted collection features a cut pattern that mimics the fine detailing of the bobbin and thread used to produce elegant lace patterns. 

A masterclass in Irish craftmanship

Enhance your drinking experiences and your home’s ambience with stunning crystal that considers form, function and beauty. The Irish Lace collection is handcrafted in Ireland by House of Waterford Master Craftsmen. These drinkware and interior pieces tell the unique story of the history of lacemaking in Ireland and celebrate Master Artisans that handcraft this elegant collection.  
Appreciate the beauty of statement vases and bowls, or the enhanced colours of wine, mixed drinks, or spirits in Irish Lace drinkware, designed to embrace the essence and rugged beauty of Ireland.

Celebrating the artistry of lace making

Draped in a rich Irish history of over 190 years of lacemaking, the Mastercraft Irish Lace collection features stunning crystal vases and bowls, as well as drinkware items such as wine glasses, flutes, tumblers and hiballs. Hand-crafted on new modern shapes and bowl sizes, this contemporary collection truly showcases the artistry of our Master Craftsmen.

Integrating two iconic Irish crafts

The Mastercraft Irish Lace drinkware and home decor collection embodies the skill and artistry synonymous with our Master Craftsmen. Interwoven with our rich Irish heritage, the collection tells the story of Irish lacemaking and our commitment to historical craftsmanship. Lacemaking in Ireland is a story of social and political importance.

A craft spanning over 190 years, lacemaking gave birth to some of the most beautiful and intricate patterns and styles seen across Ireland. This collection features a cut crystal pattern that mimics the fine detailing of the bobbin and thread used to produce these elegant lace patterns, producing a decadent crystal pattern that is steeped in Irish history and age-old craftmanship.