Exquisite and timeless, Waterford’s range of spirit decanters radiates artistry and refinement. A beautifully crafted liquor decanter will elevate your enjoyment of premium spirits, bringing a sense of ritual to everyday moments of celebration and reflection.

Explore our stunning collection of whiskey decanters and tumbler sets, perfect for serving and enjoying fine aged whiskey, bourbon, scotch and more. Our stylish crystal decanters can also be used to serve aged wine, helping to bring out the full aromas and flavors of red varietals. Whether you’re looking for a gift or adding a new piece to your drinkware collection, these crystal liquor decanters are truly a cut above.


Available in a range of eye-catching designs, Waterford’s crystal whiskey decanters embody the perfect marriage of form and function. Browse the Lismore collection to find decanters, tumblers and wine glasses featuring the iconic crystal patterning originally designed by Chief Designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. The mesmerizing cuts of the Lismore pattern emulate the pointed arches and elegant curved windows of Lismore Castle in Ireland.

Our whiskey glasses honor the flavor and complexity of aged whiskey, providing the ideal accompaniment to crystal decanters. With designs ranging from the contemporary to the traditional, our crystal tumblers will take any cocktail experience to new levels of sophistication and refinement.