5 Crystal Inspired Wedding Table Ideas to Make You Swoon

The reception table is the heart of a wedding, where guests come together in a celebration of love. This makes it all the more important to ensure the table setting is a stylish and memorable part of the wedding in its own right.

The timeless elegance of crystal does exactly that. Here are five crystal-inspired wedding table setting ideas that will make you and your guests swoon. 

Set crystal champagne flutes for the toasts

Handcrafted crystal champagne flutes give your table settings a sense of luxury and make every toast feel extra special. You might even engrave a set of two for you and your partner, and have these set in your arranged places (tip: add monogrammed crystal flutes to your wedding registry in advance so that you can have them on the day).

Consider rounding out the glassware with other crystal options too. For example:

  • Tumblers for water and soft drinks

  • Wine glasses for the main meal

  • Ice buckets so guests can keep drinks cool during a daytime wedding

  • Centrally placed crystal jugs full of iced water or mocktails.

Used engraved crystal decorations as table decor and wedding favors

Small crystal decorations will capture the lighting that surrounds the wedding table, adding an extra degree of visual interest to more functional tableware and glassware. They’re also a charming weight for holding down loose napkins and serviettes.

You can use them as wedding favors too, especially if you have them engraved to mark the occasion. While you might not reserve one for every guest, they make a beautiful take-home addition to the place setting for members of the bridal party or close family when engraved with:

  • Monogrammed initials 

  • A special message (up to 20 words). This could be a song lyric, a shared saying, or the date of the wedding.

  • A logo, such as a love heart, star, or adjoining rings.

Use crystal bowls as wedding table centerpieces

Amidst all the individual place settings, every wedding table needs a centerpiece — something to tie it all together in a way that reflects the distinct ambiance and style of the occasion. 

Intricate crystal bowls can provide this focal point for the entire table setting. Space a series of bowls out along the center of the table and fill them with things like:

  • Fresh flowers for spring and summer weddings.

  • Christmas baubles for winter weddings.

  • Rose petals in water for a timelessly romantic feel.

  • Gourmet sweets or mints to follow the main meal.

  • Small, personalised wedding favors, such as monogrammed coasters, soaps, or cookies.

Display wedding table flower arrangements in crystal vases

Crystal vases are another subtly elegant centerpoint, and the perfect place to show off floral arrangements that speak to the theme of your wedding. Vases can also be engraved for a personalised touch, so you’ll be reminded of the big day every time you fill them with a fresh bouquet in the future. 

Create a warming glow with crystal candleholders

There’s something about the soft light of a candle that brings out the love in a room. So when you’re surrounded by the people most dear to you after the ceremony, it seems only appropriate to make the most of the moment with ornate crystal candleholders. In the light of each flickering flame, their intricate cuts will instantly turn your table setting into something magical. 

Tip: when choosing the candles themselves, consider the scent as well as the aesthetic. Gently fragranced candles can add even more to an already beautiful atmosphere.

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