Crystal Engagement Gift Ideas Couples Will Love

Crystal Engagement Gift Ideas Couples Will Love

When someone you’re close to becomes engaged, it’s natural to want to show them how happy you are for them and how joyful their news has made you. So, in addition to your excited words, joyful hugs, and huge smiles, a thoughtful engagement gift is an enduring, tangible way to share your congratulations with the happy couple for this special moment.

Whether it’s a joint present for the newlyweds-to-be or a small gift just for the bride or groom, explore these crystal engagement gift ideas for more inspiration.

Gift ideas for the newly engaged couple

From the most beautiful of champagne flutes, crystal glass sets and exquisitely crafted picture frames, to clocks and other fine crystal decor pieces, you’re certain to find engagement gift ideas ideal for the newly engaged couple in your life, many of which can be engraved to add to their significance.

The couple may also have set up a wedding registry on Waterford, so make sure to check out their gift list to see what they’ve requested.

Engagement gift ideas for the bride

Given it’s such a personal milestone, it’s only right to choose an engagement gift for the bride-to-be that best reflects her personality. Perhaps a light-catching dressing table accessory like a photo frame, clock, or jewelry bowl, a crystal vase that celebrates the beautiful intricacy of nature, or a set of martini glasses or other stemware with the ability to elevate the everyday to a special event

Engagement gift ideas for the groom

A beautiful item received as a thoughtful gift will long remind the receiver of two key things: the event the gift celebrates, and who it was that gave it to them. If you’re looking to give a prized engagement gift to the groom, you’ll find our outstanding selection of crystal glassware gift ideas including whiskey tumblers, beer glasses, and wine and spirit decanters ideal for a recently engaged husband-to-be.

If whiskey glasses sound particularly suitable, read our comprehensive whiskey glass guide for more information.

Engagement gift etiquette

With so much flexibility and variety with engagements these days, the most appropriate way to navigate engagement etiquette is to simply honor the happy couple’s requests. But there’s certainly plenty to consider, so we’ve provided more specifics to help with engagement gift-giving below.

When should you give an engagement gift?

Engagement parties are joyous opportunities to come together and share the first stage of celebrating a two people’s public commitment to each other. They’re also the ideal time for guests to show the happy couple they’re part of a wider community, by gifting them a beautiful, thoughtful keepsake they can have with them for a lifetime.

But even if a party isn’t to be thrown, an engagement gift that arrives soon after the announcement is always gratefully received as a welcome symbol of love, kinship, congratulations and joy from those friends and family they cherish the most.

How much should you spend on an engagement gift?

There is so much personal choice here, contextualized by the fact that even the happy couple understands that guests will also be purchasing them a wedding gift and possibly a shower gift too, on top of special attire and transportation to the events.

The standard rule of thumb for engagement party gift-giving is to give whatever you’re comfortable with. But gift or no gift, at the party make sure you congratulate the engaged couple personally — and thank the hosts for having you too.

Who should buy an engagement gift?

At engagement parties, nowadays it’s common for close relatives and friends of the happy couple to show up with an engagement gift, but it's usually something small and sentimental to celebrate the special occasion and make memories that last a lifetime.

If you are looking for inspiration on what to take as a present to a loved one's engagement party, shop our collection of Crystal Engagement Gifts