Spirit Decanters

Our luxury crystal spirit decanters come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. From modern, sculptural designs to traditional shapes, our stylish assortment has a decanter for all occasions.
While decanters are commonly associated with wine decanters and carafes, there is a reason why a crystal whiskey decanter is a classic staple alongside crystal tumblers. The variety of shapes offers a stylish and functional serving of your choice of drink, enhancing the aroma and flavor for utmost enjoyment. It also allows you to portion out smaller amounts to guests for tasting while preserving the main bottle.

And of course, there's something about the stunning flow of light through a clear crystal decanter that makes the spirit all the more enticing. No wonder brandy decanters, whiskey decanters, and gin decanters continue to feature in modern home bars.

From wine glasses to champagne flutes and gin glasses, stock your home bar with beautiful crystal glassware from Waterford. Explore our crystal glassware guide for more inspiration.