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Illuminate your home with beautifully hand-crafted crystal chandeliers and lamps – a remarkable combination of divinely cut patterns and shimmering light that transforms your hallways into grand palaces.

Waterford lighting collections have been casting their magnificent light over the places we gather for over 200 years. From glistening crystal hanging lights and chandeliers to sparkling table lamps and ceiling sconce lights, every one of our crystal light fixtures for the home has been distinguishable for the same defining reason: they elevate crystal light to impossible beauty.

For now, our crystal lighting collection is being retired. But the spirit and artistry of Waterford Crystal will continue in our glassware & bar ranges, tableware, vases, clocks, crystal bowls and more, which you can learn more about below.

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Discover a stunning range of home accents from crystal cut vases to bowls and centerpieces.

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Discover our most popular crystal glassware categories to expand and elevate your home bar collection.

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