How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Crystal

To deck the halls is to line twinkling lights outside, place candles on the mantle, string garland along the staircase, and adorn an elegant Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. At Waterford, decorating the tree is a tradition we particularly admire. A Waterford ornament is a piece to cherish and to keep, an heirloom to hand down to the next generation. Each year, our collection of crystal ornaments invite cheer, heritage, and craftsmanship into your celebrations.

The Origins of the Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree is an age-old Christmas tradition and the ultimate symbol of the festive season. It’s a custom that celebrates memories old and new. Throughout life, ornaments are acquired to commemorate milestones and are brought out each year to hang from the tree. While each new year offers the opportunity to add something special to your collection.

The origins of this tradition dates back to the 16th century. Evergreen fir trees were brought into the home to symbolize the feast of Adam and Eve. The first Christmas trees were adorned with candles, roses, apples, moss, pecans, and popcorn. 

In modern times, candles became string lights, flowers and sweets became decorative ornaments. The act of decorating the tree became a family tradition, marking a season full of cheer and togetherness.

How to decorate the Christmas tree

There is no one way to decorate the tree. Influenced by family traditions or personal taste, how you adorn your Christmas tree is entirely up to you. Discover elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas and a range of stunning ornaments in our collection of Christmas tree decorations for 2022. 

Crystal Ornaments

Bask in the glow of an elegant Christmas tree with our collection of crystal ornaments. Expertly crafted and designed to celebrate Irish heritage and conviviality, clear crystal ornaments encapsulate the holiday spirit and create lasting memories. Stunning facets reflect light when hung from a lit Christmas tree, creating a glisten and glow to cherish all season long. 

The crystal ornament assortment features a variety of shapes and patterns. Traditional Irish symbols, the Shamrock, Seahorse, and Harp, signify good luck and are emblems of Ireland, the home of Waterford. A lucky charm makes a perfect gift for a loved one this time of year.

Limited-edition annual ornaments, skillfully reimagined each year, are ideal for the collector at heart. Waterford's Annual Snowcrystal, Snowstar, Angel, Icicle, and Cross pair beautifully with past editions and mark the onset of new memories of family and togetherness. Intricate cuts produce glowing refractions, creating a magnificent, elegant Christmas tree. 

Golden Ornaments

The warmth of the holiday season comes to life in golden ornaments. The striking gilded collectibles are a beautiful addition to any tree. These decorations are intricately engraved to combine the best moments of this special season with the skilled craftsmanship of Waterford. Our golden ornaments are crafted to create everlasting memories that will resonate for seasons to come.

To celebrate the 2022 festive season, we welcome exquisite new designs, like the Heart, Fir Cone, Reindeer, and Golden Tree; they're perfect for adding to your unique, luxurious collection of golden Christmas ornaments. 

Colored ornaments

Add a splash of color to your Christmas tree this year with our unique collection of colored ornaments. This eye-catching idea for decorating your Christmas tree breaks free from a monochromatic world. Add an exciting twist to your festive decor with beautifully clear crystal contrasted against bold hints of bright colors.

Carefully crafted, limited-edition designs are released each year with new patterns and colors to create a stunning, harmonious collection to commemorate festive celebrations, past and present. 

Icicle and snowflake ornaments

An elegant Christmas tree isn't complete without some sparkle. Our exquisite collection of icicle and snowflake ornaments are expertly designed and crafted to create a timeless, modern twist on traditional Christmas decorations. 

With intricate details that produce a sophisticated glisten to your tree, these crystal ornaments will ignite the spirit of Christmas in your home each and every year.

Religious ornaments

Beautiful and festive in sentiment, Waterford's religious ornaments include a range of iconic Christmas symbols with intricate details to elevate your Christmas tree in 2022. 

Crafted from the finest luxury crystal that produces an unforgettable shine, our collection of religious ornaments are a truly special keepsake to commemorate each Christmas.

Times Square collection

With each new Christmas comes the closing of another year, where the eyes of the world fall upon Times Square in New York for the New Year's Eve crystal ball drop. Bring in the wonder of the new year with Waterford's Times Square collection. 

Each year, limited-edition designs are crafted from the finest crystal to add a touch of sophistication to your festive decor. For a tree that celebrates the year passed and the hopes and dreams of the year to come, decorate using our ready-to-hang 2023 Replica Ball, Replica Panel, Masterpiece Ball, Ball Ornament, and Heart Ornament.

Personalized Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are a thoughtful, unique way to celebrate the sentiment and nostalgia of each festive season. This year, an elegant Christmas tree decorating idea to use in your own home or as a gift for a loved one, is an unforgettable, personalized keepsake engraved with an important date, message, or monogram. Discover our best personalized ornaments for Christmas to create lasting memories guaranteed to bring a smile to a loved one's face.  

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