5 Essentials for Your Outdoor Bar Cart

It might once have been associated with Chesterfield lounges and firelit parlours, but the classic bar cart has experienced a renaissance as we rediscover the magic of a good drink in good company.

Now, as brighter days lengthen into warmer evenings, it’s time to roll the bar cart out of the lounge and into sun-drenched spaces. And while we’re sure you’ll have the drinks list covered for an alfresco long lunch or sunset cocktail hour, there are five other outdoor bar cart essentials that will make for memories that last.

Crystal glasses

Whether it’s a crisp aperitivo or a celebratory glass of champagne, you’ll want to have the right glass for every request. Waterford’s timeless range of distinctive, hand-cut crystal is perfect for:


Crystal flutes are perfect for a toast or pre-dinner drink on arrival, but you can also choose from a range of champagne coupes if mixing up a breakfast mimosa or bellini. 


Whether it’s a soft drink on ice or a chilled glass of Campari and soda, a highball glass is the right choice for anything tall or topped up.


Martini? Sazerac? Sidecar? If you’ve got the ingredients, you’ll also find a crystal glass to match any cocktail in Waterford’s range of crystal cocktail glasses.

Beer and wine

Give these staple beverages a sense of occasion with the solidity and craftsmanship of crystal. Choose from stemless, white, or red wine glasses, and enhance the taste of lagers and pilsners with impressive beer glasses.

Crystal decanters

A wine decanter allows the wine to breathe, opening up the flavor profile and giving it a better taste. It also separates out any sediment, so you’re left with a clean pour and an elevated drinking experience.

If you’re planning on outdoor mixology, you might also consider a spirit decanter. These classic symbols of elegance accent the play of light through darker liquors and are second to none when it comes to giving cocktails an extra layer of sophistication.

Crystal ice buckets

You’ll also want to have ice on hand for anyone who fancies a drink on the rocks. A crystal ice bucket (paired with stainless steel tongs or scoop) will preserve the cold through sunny afternoons and warm evenings.

Crystal cocktail shakers

Aside from the timeless aesthetic it lends to any outdoor bar cart, there are several benefits to having a quality cocktail shaker within reach:

  •  It ensures the perfect level of dilution in a cocktail by reducing the contact time with ice (as opposed to building a drink on ice in the glass).
  •  All ingredients are thoroughly blended together to maximize the harmony of different flavors.
  •  Shaking allows you to experiment with ingredients such as milk, egg, and creamy liqueurs, opening up a range of new cocktails from pina coladas to brandy alexanders.

Crystal bowls

A well-mixed cocktail deserves generous garnishing. After all, what’s a martini without olives or a vodka soda without a wedge of fresh lime? (Let’s not get started on the demands of a bloody mary).

An artisanal crystal bowl allows you to keep a store of garnishes with the rest of the bar cart. Consider also having one for the rinds, pips, and used toothpicks that inevitably build up as second rounds are poured and conversation flows. 

Explore the rest of the Waterford glassware and bar range and get ready for brighter days.