Unique and Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

What do you get as a wedding gift for the couple who already has everything?

These days, many young couples tick off designer appliances, knife sets, and other wedding registry staples in the years leading up to marriage - so it’s no surprise we’re often at a loss when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gift

But here’s where a unique and personal touch can make all the difference. Here are four personalized wedding gift ideas that the happy couple will treasure for years to come.

Toast the occasion with crystal glassware

Fine drinkware is a symbol of celebration, and newlyweds will be reminded of their big day every time they raise a glass with fine crystal glassware. In Waterford’s range of crystal glassware, you’ll find:

Classic tumblers

Crystal tumblers are just as suited for daily use as they are special occasions. Whether the happy couple is enjoying a chilled glass on the rocks with friends or something softer during lazy Sunday brunches, a set of Waterford tumblers can transform the moment into something special.

Cocktail glasses

Martini and cocktail glasses are perfect for couples who love to entertain. You might even couple two glasses with another luxury piece for their home bar, such as a decanter or cocktail shaker.

Wine glasses

A quality set of
wine glasses is essential for couples who appreciate fine drinking and dining. Explore the Waterford range for white, red, and stemless options. The elegant, hand-cut crystal of each glass is perfect for toasting many anniversaries to come.

Personalize the decor for their new home

They might already have all the appliances they need, but beautiful interiors will transform the newlyweds’ abode into a stylish home that’s uniquely theirs. You could gift them:

The timeless beauty of crystal makes each of these items extra special, especially when coupled with a personalized engraving (see below). They’re ready to be displayed and cherished forever.

Commemorate the occasion with a unique collectible

A crystal collectible can add a touch of sophistication to a desk, mantelpiece, or dressing table. In the
Waterford range of collectibles, you’ll find enchanting paperweights and intricately detailed figurines that capture the beauty of a lifelong commitment. There’s something for everyone, from the sporting couple to a nature-loving pair.

Engrave the moment

Crystal drinkware, decor, and collectibles from Waterford can be engraved for an extra personalized touch, with three options perfect for newly married couples:

The couple’s monogram

Have two glasses engraved with the respective initials (or full name) of the bride and groom, plus a shared message underneath.


If words are not enough, you can also choose from a range of engravable icons, such as: 

  • Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs

  • Love hearts

  • Stars

  • Adjoining rings

Special messages

Engrave up to twenty words that communicate a special message for the happy couple. This might be the date of the wedding, a saying, or even a song lyric that’s close to their hearts.

Explore more engraving options.


Find a personalized wedding gift that speaks volumes

Browse Waterford’s full range of artisanal wedding gifts, and discover a unique piece that shows the newly married couple just how much you care.