Whiskey Glasses & Tumbler Sets

Whether you enjoy whiskey on the rocks or neat, Waterford's crystal whiskey tumblers and whiskey glasses are sure to heighten the experience. Our selection of whiskey glasses honour the taste of fine whiskey with beautifully crafted crystal designs and a solid, reassuring weight that's perfect for a contemplative nightcap.
If you're equally fond of a tall, cool scotch highball topped up with soda, take a look at our range of highball glasses. And for those who prefer elaborate mixology, Waterford's crystal cocktail glasses are perfect for whiskey based cocktails and savouring the moment.

Waterford's crystal whiskey glass sets also make the perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast. Their craftmanship is handmade to last, so it's a gift that can be appreciated for the now and for generations to come. Just remember to hand wash the crystal and avoid extreme temperatures - with the right level of care your crystal whiskey glasses will last a lifetime. Find out more with our crystal care guide.

Explore our guide to whiskey glasses or crystal glassware guide for more inspiration.