The Essential Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Creating your wedding registry is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning, but, like all good things, it can become overwhelming when you’re spoilt for choice.

What gifts should you include on the registry? How many? Is a registry even necessary to begin with?

We’ve answered all those questions here so you can plan the perfect wedding registry and finish your special day with a selection of gifts that you want and need. 

Why you need a wedding registry

If giving your guests a wishlist of specific wedding gifts seems a little presumptuous to you, don’t worry. Far from being rude or awkward, a wedding registry is actually a time-honoured tradition for a good reason.

It lets guests know what you want

Buying a wedding gift carries a good deal of pressure. Your guests will want to give you something that’s both special and genuinely useful in your married life - and that isn’t always easy to find. 

That’s why guests appreciate a well-thought-out wedding registry. Not only do they have to spend less time hunting for the perfect gift in in-person stores, but they can be confident they’re giving something you’re going to love for years to come.

You won’t receive duplicates

Online wedding registries will cross gifts off the list as they’re purchased, so every guest knows what has and hasn’t been bought yet. That means you won’t be leaving the wedding with five identical sets of glassware.

Again, think of your guests too. They’ll want to be sure their gift is unique, but there’s no way they can be sure unless they have access to a wedding registry that clearly displays which items have already been covered.

It’s all about the two of you

Wedding gifts are intended to set you and your partner up for a happy, newly married life - and no one knows what that should look like better than the both of you. 

Perhaps you want the opulence of crystal barware to enjoy together, or a fine vase to embellish your shared home. Whatever your preference, a wedding registry ensures that every gift fits the beautiful life you’ve envisioned together.

When to create a wedding registry

Start putting your registry together early during the wedding planning process. This gives you and your partner plenty of time to decide what you want, with the added benefit of being able to edit and add to the registry as the wedding date approaches. 

Setting up a registry early also means it can be used for bridal shower gifts and pre-wedding gifts from family. Once it’s been organised the gifts can come at any point!

How many items should be on a wedding registry?

At a minimum, there should be one wedding gift option per guest (taking into account shared gifts from couples and families). That’s why it's important to manage your wedding registry alongside the guest list, which will most likely change in the lead-up to the big day.

However, you can, of course, add more items to the registry. Doing so gives your guests plenty of options for different budgets, which is helpful given close friends and family can be expected to spend more than extended family and colleagues. Once again, don’t feel demanding - your guests will appreciate the choice.

Wedding registry gift ideas

‘Must have’ wedding registry items will vary for everyone, but there are some guidelines you can follow to choose the right gifts:

  • Choose items you can enjoy as a couple.

  • Choose gifts that speak to the significance of the occasion. 

  • Request items that will last (ideally) forever.


Now’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your everyday glassware or request a new set for special occasions. Register a set of classic crystal tumblers, or explore luxury options for wine and cocktails.

Picture frames

Picture frames are the perfect place to house your memories of the special day, plus all those you’re yet to make together. Waterford’s
crystal frames can be engraved with a commemorative message for an extra personal touch.

Home accessories

Waterford’s range of crystal accessories will create a stylish ambience within your home. Keep wedding rings safe with a crystal
ring holder for the bedside dresser, create a classy atmosphere with an ornamental clock, or give the dining room a sense of elegance with crystal candlesticks


As newlyweds, you’ll have plenty of cause for celebration post-wedding. Build a home bar that’s fit for entertaining with a
crystal decanter, ice bucket, or cocktail shaker.


Pick out a
crystal bowl to decorate your dinner table, or even request an elaborate wedding stainless cake knife and server to cut the cake on the special day. It’ll make the moment even more special, and give the same magic to many high teas to come.

What not to put on your wedding registry

Ultimately what goes on your wedding registry is up to you, but it’s worth avoiding items like the following:

‘Just for me’ gifts

As much as you might be yearning for a new bag or pair of shoes, gifts that are exclusively for one half of the couple don’t speak to the spirit of the occasion. Keep to items you can enjoy together.

Expendable products

Marriage is forever, so the gifts on your registry should be too. Request gifts that you can still see yourself using in 30 years’ time.

Everyday items

Even if you need a new broom and bathmat, a wedding registry isn’t the place for everyday purchases you’d ordinarily make yourself. Remember your guests will want to give something special to celebrate your love, so let them spoil you!

Expensive consumer goods

Close friends and family will happily spend money on a gift that feels meaningful, but they’ll be less inclined to splurge on a new TV or stereo system at your request. Gifts like these don’t have the personal touch you’d expect at a wedding, despite the price tag.

Ready to start creating your wedding registry?

Shop the entire Waterford crystal range and add any item to your wedding wishlist with
MyRegistry. Post the link to your wedding website and guests will be able to see which items are still open as the date edges closer.