Elegant Crystal Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

When you sit down with your nearest and dearest to eat, drink and be merry on December 25th, do so in style with decor that you can use year after year.

If you're looking for elegant Christmas table decorations for your forthcoming Christmas dinner, explore Waterford’s collection of crystal glassware that will make your holiday celebrations at home feel even more memorable.

1. Colored glassware for a very merry table setting

Waterford has two exquisite ranges of colored crystal glassware, each with the ability to instantly elevate the aesthetic of your Christmas table.

The Lismore Black collection is a glamorously bold take on the classic, universally-loved Lismore drinkware design. Rich, eye-catching and impeccably crafted, this collection of goblets, champagne flutes and tumblers look especially stunning when contrasted with clear crystal adornments.

Alternatively, create a festive color scheme for your celebrations with Waterford’s new Winter Rose glassware range, which serves as the next annual installment of our 6-year Winter Wonders collection.

The pattern of cuts in each of the six Winter Wonders designs represents a different Irish flower that blooms to triumph despite the harsh winters of the Emerald Isle - with a different bloom featured each year. Colored a soft red, each of the rose petals in this year’s Winter Rose design is delicately outlined in crystal. A set of Winter Rose crystal glassware would make an elegant addition to your Christmas table this year, and would form part of a unique Winter Wonders set of six colors to be collected over the coming years.

2. A modern crystal twist on classic Christmas ornaments

Christmas is at its joyful best when it’s overflowing with tradition and nostalgia, but that doesn't mean there isn’t room for a little modern reinvention.

One way to give your festive get-togethers a stylish refresh this year and into the future is by adding a trio of Waterford crystal Christmas Trees to your dining table. A modern take on traditional spruce, fir and pine evergreens, this three-piece, three-tiered set not only makes a stunning and stylish centerpiece, it also creates a halo effect that enhances the beauty of your other decorative elements.

Made from the finest and most luxurious crystal, each tree stands apart for its own distinctive cut pattern, yet as a set, they create an immediately recognisable and fondly familiar Christmas tree aesthetic.

If you’re looking for an item full of wistfulness and magic but which also expresses a modern and sophisticated design, then turn your eyes to Waterford’s beautiful new crystal snow globe. As eye-catching on your mantelpiece as it would be as your centerpiece, you can be confident that where you find it at the end of your celebrations won’t be where you placed it at the start.

3. Use modern Christmas ornaments as festive table decor

Elevating the natural beauty of a Christmas tree can be achieved instantly by trimming it with a cascade of Waterford crystal Christmas ornaments. And while these light-catching baubles excel when draped from the branches of a robust evergreen, they’re also versatile and unique enough to be used in other decorative ways too.

One of the most popular ways is to place a selection of them in and among the other festive decorations on your dining table. It’s as simple as punctuating your linens, garlands, candles, servingware and delicious Christmas dishes with our crystal colored baubles, classic snowflake ornaments, pieces from our gold Christmas ornament range, or any of the other beautiful items in our Christmas crystal ornaments range.

4. Decorate the table with luxury crystal pieces

A lot of love, care and creativity will go into what you prepare your loved ones for Christmas dinner - but why stop there? Apply a similar positive energy toward creating the most beautiful of table centerpieces using dazzling crystal items from Waterford.

Add festive elements and eye-catching accents to one of our beautiful decorative crystal bowls, or put seasonal blooms and local foliage into one of our fine crystal vases. The elements you choose for your centerpiece and the way you combine them is only limited by your imagination, so let your artistic side run free this Christmas by creating something unique and beautiful.

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