How to Host a Christmas Tree Trimming Party

Every family has cheerful, time-honored Christmas traditions that get them into the festive spirit and elevate the holiday season. For some families, this is a tree trimming party.

If you're yet to host a Christmas tree trimming party, adding this wonderful event to your list of Christmas traditions is an exciting way to decorate the tree each year and build lasting memories with your loved ones.

What is a tree trimming party?

Also known as a tree decorating party, a tree trimming party involves coming together to decorate a Christmas tree with an array of ornaments and decorations. It’s common for those invited to bring an ornament with them to add to the Christmas tree.

The host will also put on a spread of delicious food and drinks for guests to enjoy and depending on their wishes, other activities (like Christmas crafts) can also occur.

Christmas tree trimming decoration ideas

If your guests are bringing an ornament, it’s important to have the basic tree trimming essentials laid out and ready to keep your tree unified. We recommend filling a few boxes with ornaments and decorations of a similar style or theme.

Ready to hang with satin ribbons and finished with a metal tag as a sign of Waterford's expert craftsmanship and quality, our collection of Christmas tree trimming ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate moments of togetherness.

Crystal icicle & snowflake ornaments

Add sparkle to your home this Christmas with crystal icicle and snowflake ornaments from Waterford. With delicate shards of fine crystal radiating outwards to create a natural refraction, our icicle and snowflake ornaments are designed to glimmer for a truly festive home. Beautifully presented and seasonal in sentiment, these magnificent ornaments are sure to be cherished for years to come.

Crystal religious ornaments

Waterford's crystal religious ornaments offer an exquisite range of crosses, angels, and symbols, intricately detailed with delicate crystal facets that will shine on your tree. Each ornament is designed to capture the memories and milestones of each new year, bringing a sentimental and unified appearance to tree trimming celebrations, now and in the future.

Colored glass ornaments

Add an elegant splash of color to your Christmas tree trimming party with our colored glass ornaments. Contrasting beautifully against clear, Waterford's colored glass ornaments are the perfect way to add an exciting and bold twist to your festive decor.

Tree trimming party entertainment

Great tree trimming parties are made even greater when there's a delicious menu to share with those closest to you. Themed drinks and Christmas-inspired treats add festive ambiance that pairs perfectly with holiday songs and a beautifully decorated tree.

Make your favorite Christmas cocktail

A Christmas celebration isn't complete without a festive cocktail (or mocktail). With a timeless sentiment and unequaled ability to bring a feeling of warmth to a cold evening, our Rum Espresso Martini is the perfect Christmas cocktail to serve at your tree trimming party. Alternatively, explore more of our favorite Christmas cocktail recipes to add to your drinks menu.

Waterford's extensive range of expertly crafted glassware delivers luxury and excellence to every occasion. Ideal for savoring your favorite Christmas tipple, you're sure to find the perfect crystal glass with Waterford.

Serve bite-sized treats

Serving bite-sized appetizers that people can enjoy while socializing is an excellent way to feed guests without too much pressure. From hot and cold items to sweet and savory snacks, consider a variety of foods when you plan your tree trimming party menu.

To get you started, try these bite-sized food ideas:

● Fresh fruit
● Cranberry and cream cheese pinwheels
● Turkey sliders with cranberry relish
● Christmas themed cookies
● Brie with cherry chutney served on French bread
● Parmesan puff pastry straws
● Crispy cinnamon-sugar twists
● A variety of nuts, such as cashews and almonds

The after party

After the joy and festivities of the Christmas tree trimming are over, take a rest by your newly decorated tree and bask in the irreplaceable glow and newfound memories just made.

Decorating a tree with your closest friends and family is an exciting time, but if you want to make alterations, that's completely okay. Everyone has their own styles and preferences, so feel free to make any necessary changes.

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