Floral Arranging With Jeff Leatham

A Celebration Of Fine Crystal And Floral Artistry.

Jeff Leatham's designs for Waterford Fleurology represent the latest in a celebration of fine crystal and floral artistry. Each piece is inspired by Jeff's provocative juxtaposition of shapes, angles and geometric precision using nature's creations. The Tina collection is a new artistic twist on the traditional cylinder vase. Kylie is all about creating floralscapes in the lush layouts that made Jeff Leatham a luxury living favorite and finally make a statement with the Cleo collection featuring stunning angled-opening rose bowls, which give the illusion of flowers literally busting from a crystal bubble.

Together Waterford and Jeff Leatham meld the essence of two natural elements - fine crystal and flowers - to create an entirely new approach to the concept of floral arrangement and presentation.