Lismore Connoisseur

Lismore Connissuer Collection

The Perfect Glass For The Perfect Pour

Waterford has created four specific tasting shapes designed for maximum enjoyment of top shelf whiskeys. How you choose to drink your whiskey will determine the best Lismore Connoisseur glass for your particular pour.

 Lismore Connoisseur Whiskey Collection

Lismore Connoisseur Straight-Sided Tumbler

The straight-sided tumbler serves the connoisseur who enjoys their whiskey with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two. This tumbler features a universal shape wide enough for the liquor to breathe and perfect for all types of whiskeys and bourbon. 

 Lismore Connoisseur straight side whiskey glass

Lismore Connoisseur Rounded Tumbler

The rounded tumbler allows the whiskey connoisseur to enjoy a good swirl to appreciate the body and color of the liquor, and is ample enough to accommodate a spot of water or ice. The rounded shape of this tumbler makes it extremely comfortable in the hand, and allows for a pleasant and 'neat' swirling experience with any blended Scotch or Irish whiskey, or bourbon.

 Lismore Connoisseur whiskey glasses

Lismore connoisseur Flared Sipping Whiskey

The flared sipping tumbler has a rounded bowl to comfortably warm and swirl the whiskey, a pinched middle to concentrate the bouquet, and a flared opening that releases the nuanced nose notes. Crafted for the connoisseur who enjoys sipping their very finest single malt or aged-blend straight, it allows for the full experience of taste and aroma.

 Lismore Connoisseur whiskey glasses

lismore Connoisseur Footed Tasting Tumbler

The footed tasting tumbler is preferred by connoisseurs for tasting, sampling, sipping and scrupulous evaluation of a whiskey's attributes. It is fashioned with a unique tulip shape to gently allow warming the liquor and with a narrower opening to concentrate the bouquet. This is the ultimate tasting tumbler for those who enjoy savoring their rarest single malts or pot blends.

 Lismore Connoisseur whiskey glass