The best newlywed Christmas gift ornaments for 2022

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is challenging enough, but when that gift needs to suit the tastes of two different people, great options become even more difficult to find.

Thankfully, there are many beautiful, thoughtful, and memorable gifts you can choose from for newlyweds at Waterford - and we’ve curated a selection below that’s ideal for the festive period.

Why first Christmas ornaments are special gifts for newlyweds

You can rest assured that a beautiful and festively-themed crystal ornament will make a fantastically unique gift for a newly-married couple enjoying their first Christmas together.

● It captures the year: There are few things more special than celebrating your wedding. Buying them an ornament to mark their first year together will not only capture the date’s significance, but ensure your gift will always occupy a special place in their memories.
● They can build a collection: Waterford has a number of different series of Christmas ornaments, with new designs released every year. These can be collected as treasured milestones symbolizing a couple’s lifelong marriage journey.
● Everyone’s eyes light up: Whichever of the Waterford crystal ornaments you ultimately choose, the happy couple are sure to be united in their gratitude for a beautiful, thoughtful gift designed to occupy pride of place in their home.
● You can make it personal: Engraving a special message, wedding date, icon, or monogram gives your Christmas gift some extra special significance, demonstrating the importance you place on their journey as a couple.

Unique Christmas ornaments for newly married couples

To help you celebrate their first Christmas married, gifts from our crystal ornaments range have been carefully curated below.

Snowstar ornament 2022

Released annually as part of an ongoing collectible series, the Snowstar design for 2022 is a sleek and contemporary version of a traditional Christmas icon. Festive, beautiful, and accessorized with a white satin ribbon so it can be displayed with ease, this stunning ornament is the perfect first Christmas gift for your favorite newly married couple as they set a course and navigate the path of their first year together.

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Christmas Circle ornament

A shimmering blank canvas upon which to engrave meaningful and personal words, this elegant Christmas keepsake showcases the beautiful weight, clarity and craftsmanship of Waterford crystal. Strung with a white ribbon for easy display and presented with a signature Waterford cloth storage bag for safekeeping, this sparkling memento is sure to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Christmas First Home Sweet Home house ornament 2022

Commemorating one of life's most important milestones, this charming crystal home ornament immortalizes the feelings of elation, joy, and achievement for a couple celebrating their first Christmas together in their new home. The front is engraved with ‘Home Sweet Home’ while the back is reserved to engrave your own personalized message. With a Waterford-branded white ribbon and round date tag, this ornament makes the perfect celebratory memento while doubling as a thoughtful festive gift.

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Christmas Heart ornament

A returning favorite to our collection this year, this elegant crystal heart is strikingly adorned with an eye-catching heart cut-out right through the center. This unique ornament is the perfect way to show your care, support, and love for a new happy couple at Christmas - or any time of year. With room to engrave a personalized message, the Heart comes beautifully presented with a cloth pouch in a signature Waterford box.

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Cross ornament 2022

Each year, a new Waterford Cross ornament is designed as part of an established collecting tradition. The 2022 installment features a charmingly traditional design crafted with intricate curves and incisions that produce naturally eye-catching refractions that elevate your other Christmas decorations. Spiritual in sentiment, beautiful in design, and with a Waterford-branded white and gold satin ribbon so it’s easy to display, this holy cross ornament makes a breathtaking gift for the holidays.

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Times Square Triangle Replica Panel ornament 2023

Bring the excitement and anticipation of the iconic Times Square Ball into the home of your favorite newlyweds with this crystal embodiment of festive new year wishes. This true-to-life miniature replica of the panels on this year's Times Square Ball is beautifully strung with a satin ribbon plus a silver 2022-dated hang tag. Presented in a signature Waterford box, it not only captures a key moment in time, but also reminds your loved ones to embrace their shared future, whatever it may hold.

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