Times Square 2023 with Waterford Crystal

The magic of New Year’s Eve

The new year is much like molten crystal, you can shape it into whatever your imagination inspires it to be. Every December 31st, we reflect on a year full of hopes, challenges, changes and dreams. Then as the countdown begins, we look ahead with optimism, ready to savor the special moments yet to come.

At 11:59 PM, the sparkling Waterford crystal Ball begins to drop in Times Square as millions of voices unite to celebrate the final seconds of the year. The magnificent sphere is a symbol of celebration, brought to life by skilled craftsmen for the world to enjoy. 

Watch live as the Waterford Times Square Ball rings in 2023


Enjoy webcast coverage of the festivities in Times Square leading up to the Waterford Ball Drop at midnight, including backstage access, behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with performers and other celebrities.

History of the Times Square Ball

The history of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square dates back over one hundred years. The first festivity taking place in 1904, with the first ball lowering in 1907. What first began to commemorate the official opening of the new headquarters of The New York Times, is now a proud tradition and universal symbol of the New Year.

For the past 20+ years, the iconic Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball has counted down to the New Year with revelers from all over the world, inspiring celebration and merriment, true to our core of Irish conviviality. The ball is comprised of over 2,600 crystal panels resulting in an incredible and awe-inspiring sparkle in Times Square. Each panel tells a story of Irish heritage, craftsmanship, and spirit. The story is born in Ireland, where Waterford designers imagine the tale to be told in Times Square each December. An idea, inspired by global themes and universally treasured values, is translated into an exceptional crystal design as unique as the moments each year holds. Master craftsmen place the finishing touches, resulting in incredible facets fit for the magic and radiance of Times Square.

There have been seven versions of the Ball designed to signal the New Year, taking a new form throughout the years for a visual worthy of the attention it keeps. Beginning in 1907, the first ball was made of iron and wood, weighing 700 pounds and covered with 100 light bulbs. In 1920, a 400-pound iron Ball replaced the original version. In 1955, a 150-pound aluminum Ball with 180 light bulbs took the place of the iron Ball. Forty years later, the aluminum Ball was upgraded with aluminum skin, rhinestones, and computer controls. In 1999, the Waterford crystal New Year’s Eve Ball was created to welcome the new millennium. In 2007, modern LED technology replaced the light bulbs of the past in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the New Year’s Eve Ball. In 2008, the permanent Big Ball was unveiled atop One Times Square where it sparkles above Times Square every day of the year.

Did you know?

The Waterford Ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds. 

The Waterford ball is covered with 2,688 Waterford crystal panels that vary in size and range in length from 4.75 inches to 5.75 inches per side.
The Waterford Ball is illuminated by 32,256 LEDs, resulting in an incredible glow that lights up Time Square. 

The Ball is capable of displaying a palette of more than 16 million vibrant colors and billions of patterns that creates a spectacular kaleidoscope effect atop One Times Square.

More than one billion people throughout the world tune in to see the New Year’s Eve Ball drop in Times Square.

The Gift of Love

In 2014, we began the journey of a distinctive ten-year design series for the Waterford Crystal Times Square Ball panels and corresponding collection. The “Greatest Gifts” series highlights special themes that represent globally treasured aspirations, motivating us to look at the new year with even deeper meaning. By 2023, a patchwork pattern on the ball will be revealed and drop on New Year’s Eve, a commemoration of the former decade and all of the gifts we celebrated.

To ring in 2023, we observe The Gift of Love. The “Gift of Love” pattern is a series of interconnecting heart shape diamond v cuts thus representing the warmth and caring of humanity. This is encased within the triangle shape (unity) and diamond cutting representing perfectness, unity, and importance. 

The pattern is crystallized in 192 panels for the Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve ball and in an assortment of drinkware, ornaments, and decorations to be enjoyed and displayed this and every holiday season.

Hosting this New Year’s Eve

New Year’s eve is a night for entertaining, bringing people together - from friends, to family, and loved ones. Crystal drinkware and interiors were crafted for a night like this, inspiring us to experience the present and look with excitement to the future. 

We encourage the host to incorporate crystal into their gathering. Votives and hurricanes invite ambience to the glowing atmosphere. An ice bucket and chiller make for perfectly served cocktails while crystal bowls and dinnerware elevate the horderves. And of course, champagne flutes emanate a brilliant ring with every toast.

The Waterford Times Square Flute Sets raise your spirits, cut with the same design as seen on the 2023 Waterford Ball.

Decorate with Meaning

The magic of the new year transcends one night - we count down in anticipation and encourage the new-beginnings feeling to linger. Start the celebration early by donning your tree and mantle with commemorative Times Square pieces.

When decorating your home, consider the New Year’s celebration to round out your ornaments on display. The Waterford Times Square replica Ball and panel ornaments, cut with the Gift of Love pattern, adds a crystal and cobalt glow to your tree with a message you can appreciate. The collectible pieces will be cherished for a lifetime, reminding you always of this very moment.

The Waterford Times Square Replica Ornaments and Snow Globe brings the celebration enjoyed around the world into your home.

The countdown is on

We’re honored to be a part of an occasion so special and to be able to celebrate with our Waterford family across the globe. We look forward to ringing in the new year with you on December 31. 

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